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Business Model Canvas of YouTube | Startup Model 2020

Business Model Canvas of YouTube

Business Model Canvas of YouTube: Problems

  • Listen V/s Read: Whenever an individual seeking to find the solution of something or want to learn something new online, they use Google to search out the items and then just read, read and read. They might lose so much time finding the right content as well. After they find what they were looking for, they have to read whole long stories and articles to get a conclusive idea, that’s why everyone wants something much better, something where they can just listen to everything not read.
  • Home Based Earning Platform: In this era of high utilization of internet, everyone wants to have a source, a platform where they can invest their time and efforts in order to Earn Money from their home, especially for students and people with some disability are looking forward to different opportunities to work from home because they either don’t have to time to do a job because of their studies or they don’t have enough education level to get a job, in the Asian countries women’s are mostly looking for jobs from home because they don’t permission to go outside and work.
  • Single Center for Everything: People mostly get frustrated looking for exactly what they want on Internet, they have to browse multiple sites in order to find the real accurate content, even sometimes they read the whole article and finds that it was not what they were looking for.
  • Better Explanation with Interaction: Articles can’t express the expressions when explaining something in detail, the face interaction always comes handy because of the facial expression and voice tone can emphasize on what’s the important part of that explanation. Even some words have multiple meanings in different forms, like saying OH Great! Normally and Sarcastically both have a completely different meaning, so video interaction can help everyone justifying these actions.

Business Model Canvas of YouTube: Solution

  • With YouTube, individuals can find everything at a single place and not in form of articles but in form videos, they just have to play the button and other people will explain or teach everything they were looking for, this will come handy as no one has to read stuff anymore, they can just connect the earphones and listen.
  • With YouTube everything is at one place, it can be anything, Movies, Games Reviews, Trip of Whole World, Education Stuff, Funny Stuff, Motivational Speeches, Research Writing, Entrepreneurship Ideas and much more, everything will be available at a single platform, users just have to search for what they are looking for and select the video they are interested in.
  • YouTube will be a source of income for the people who wants to earn money online, users just have to make to videos of content that they are best in and YouTube will pay them for making those videos on the basis of numbers of people who watch that videos and subscribe to their channel as an indication for awaiting of more videos.
Business Model Canvas of YouTube  Value
Business Model Canvas of YouTube: Value

Business Model Canvas of YouTube: Unique Value Proposition

  • Live Streaming and TV: YouTube offers Live Streaming feature to the general users now through which they can communicate with their subscribers live to discuss or explain anything, this usually getting beneficial for the TV Channel, almost every TV channel all around the globe is now 24/7 live on YouTube, this has increased their visitor’s numbers. Further, the Live Streaming feature has been used by multiple foreign universities as well to deliver the lectures on different topics for free all around the globe and it’s also been used to play live seminars by the international organizations for awareness and motivation stuff. This is the only source available right now to stream in the whole world from a single platform.
  • Advertising Medium: As YouTube has the traffic of over billions of users, it’s been a great source of advertising for the companies especially who are managing everything online, it provides the advertising features at a minimal cost so that companies can invest more to reach more audience for a given criterion.
  • Earning Source: As justified above, YouTube will be a source of income for the people who wants to earn money online especially those who aren’t able to do any job right now because of completing the education, having house responsibilities, etc. Users just have to make videos of content that they are best in and YouTube will pay them for making those videos on the basis of numbers of people who watch those videos and subscribe to their channel as an indication for awaiting more videos.
  • Billions of Videos: Lets its users have access to more than a billion videos. Works as a stage for creators of original content to get their stuff out there and to be viewed by billions of people. It even allows their content to be inspirational to the viewers and become very well known. All of this is for free and no charge, except for the premium features. It has a separate section for gaming and features live viewing of games.

Business Model Canvas of YouTube: Channels

Business Model Canvas of YouTube: Channels

Business Model Canvas of YouTube: Revenue Stream

  • Advertisement: It will be the main source of Income for YouTube, Companies can advertise their product on one of the biggest online platform with over billions of traffic every month from all around the globe. YouTube will then serve these on the different channel on YouTube which is monetized to display Ads on their channel based on the keywords, based on this income, 67% will be paid to the publisher, owner of the channel and the remaining will be the share of YouTube.
  • Premium Channels: YouTube will charge their visitor to pay little subscription fees for the premium channel on YouTube, which consists of stuff that are not easily accessible at any other place and where the content is quite exceptional than on any other platform.

Business Model Canvas of YouTube: Unfair Advantages

Being one of the top Internet suffering website and worth of billions of dollar, buying of this won’t be as easy for anyone, neither it seems possible for someone to copy the idea and came up with some sort of idea because of the worth and reputation that has established by YouTube over the period, the only unfair advantage of YouTube would be that their videos are easily downloadable, which can be used by other on occasions without giving the copyright.

Business Model Canvas of YouTube  Reasoning
Business Model Canvas of YouTube: Reasoning

Business Model Canvas of YouTube: Reasoning

Business Model Canvas of YouTube: The problems that were highlighted above were assumed on the basis of. What will be the issues if there would No existence of the YouTube, that’s how the problems were generated and the solutions for that problem were addressed by how YouTube is helping to satisfy those assumed problems.

The value proposition was based on the features that no other Online Video Serving platform is providing like Vimeo and Daily Motion. All the revenue streams were generated with the common knowledge, there’s probably more of the sources of income YouTube might have and the cost structure was designed on the basic expenditures that occur when initiating an online business with really high storage capacity on the servers.

Business Model Canvas of YouTube

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