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Consumer Buying Journey | Traditional V/s New Modern Process 2020

Consumer Buying Journey | Traditional V/s New Modern Process

Traditional Method of Buying Journey:

Consumer Journey was pretty straight forward from the last couple of years when there was no sight of Digital Stores was established, starting with Awareness, when consumer searched out for the related products that can satisfy his need then moving on to Familiarity, where he narrows down some products that can Satisfy his need.

Then proceed to Consideration, where he narrows down to a couple of products that are the best fit for his needs and then finally Purchase, that product from the best of his consideration and then moving along to Brand Loyalty if the product satisfies his needs.

Consumer Buying Journey | Traditional V/s New Modern Process

Why it Doesn’t Work Anymore:

Now, with so many different mediums and products competing for consumer’s attention, this Traditional Consumer Journey is no longer applicable. Dozens of digital channel like Facebook, Netflix, Snap Chat, Instagram etc. all of these share vast number of information which contributed to the need for a New Approach to the Decision Process.

We are constantly exposed to brand touchpoints, whether it’s through advertisements, chats with friends, or product experiences. While much of this exposure does not directly lead to a purchase, the accumulation of these experiences can have a massive impact on a customer’s consideration set.

These digital channels usually are connected with search engines like Google Search which provides them information about what users are searching for on Google and then some sort of advertising pops up on some of these Social Media channels which attract the consumer at that moment.

Consumer Buying Journey | Traditional V/s New Modern Process

New Consumer Buying Journey
Consumer Buying Journey

New Consumer Buying Journey:

The New Consumer Buying Journey begins with a customer’s Initial Consideration set or can say Consideration Process, which is established on Brand Perceptions and Exposure to recent touchpoints like Social Media, it is believed that the more touchpoints a Consumer gets a product the more likely is that he is going to purchase that product.

Then the Evaluation begins where a Consumer adds and removes Brands as he or she gathers more information, then comes the Buy or Purchase Moment, where the consumer finally gets a hold of a product brand which he thinks can best satisfy his needs. After doing so, the customer builds expectations based on this Experience that will influence the next decision journey which is known as Loyalty Loop or Bond with the Brand.

Example for Loyalty Loop or Bond with the Brand: Thousands of Apple Users are loyal with this firm which has created a Bond with the Brand, so whenever the firm announced any new product in the Market, let’s say IPhone 11, most of the users purchase the product without even considering or evaluating the product. Just because they believe that whatever Apply will offer them would be most competent in the market and no other product is good enough to satisfy the needs that Apple can.

Buyers Journey
Consumer Buying Journey

Consumer Buying Journey | Traditional V/s New Modern Process

The recommendation in Real Life Scenario for New Buying Decision Journey:

Consideration and Evaluation:

In this step Mr. J first of all has to advertise their product on the most popular social media networks like Facebook and Instagram, so that people can get familiar with the clothes that Mr. J is offering in his Online Store. Furthermore, he had to advertise his products on Search Engines as well like Google and Bing because almost everyone searches for these items on Google or Bing Search Engine. If Mr. J picks the right keywords for his Online Store, then his website might pop up on every search result that would be made related to Online Shopping.

Buy or Purchasing Moment:

Now the Consumer is right on his website if the consideration has been done effectively, as similar to any traditional retail store If a customer is visiting any store they would be looking after for convenience in searching whatever they need and also the place has to be user friendly regardless if it retails or online store. So Mr. J has to first of all optimize his website so that it would load faster so that consumers don’t have to wait for things to load.

Similarly, the look of the Online Store has been impressive and decent so that it reflects the quality of the Store. Now having multiple pictures of every cloth and some demo videos of how it actually looks would be a plus for his Online Store. Online chat system for those consumers who have queries related to dresses they like or any further information.

Post Purchase Experience:

There should be Contact Support System as well on the Online Store so that If the Consumer face any problems after shop from Mr. J Online Store, they would contact Support for the Solutions. This will enhance the consumer’s post-purchase experience which in turn brings loyalty for the consumer, other than this Mr. J has to provide the exact same quality product as it is pictured on the Online Store.

Bond with the Brand/Store:

If all the above steps went well and the consumer gets fully satisfied with what they were looking for then this might create the loyalty loop which means that in the future these consumers will visit the website again because they trust it.

Consumer Buying Journey | Traditional V/s New Modern Approach

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